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Our Machines

100LB Washer

You save 22% washing 5 loads at once

80LB Washer

You save 16% washing 4 loads at once

60 LB Washer

You save 6% washing 3 loads at once

40LB Washer

2 loads at once

20LB Washer

1 load

What does machine size have to do with the clothes I’m washing?

Machine size reflects the amount of pounds that can be washed. The size of the machine references how many pounds of clothes can be washed in that particular machine in one load. For example,  if you’re using a 20-pound machine, you are able to wash 20 pounds of clothes in one load. 

Division Laundromat offers the largest washing machines on the market. We have two 100 lb machines and four 80 lb machines meaning you can wash your comforter, sheets, pillowcases, mattress covers, and towels, all at the same time, in one single load. At other establishments, you would be doing 5 separate loads, taking hours to finish and costing you more than triple what you’ll pay at Division Laundromat.  

The diverse machine sizes available allow for a more efficient washing system, saving you valuable time and money. You can start machines directly and pay all from your phone! Sign up here.